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What an exciting time!

Want to create a bigger, better life? Come on! You already have everything you need to make the leap. At the University of Me we’ll just help you find it inside yourself.
With a University of Me program you won’t be alone on that journey. You’ll take along with you  journey a community of strong, capable and supportive members who are on the same journey. People who, along with a trained leader, will provide accountability for progress toward your goals and dreams.
An effective Mastermind becomes the rocket fuel that gets you there faster, easier and with more support. 


What is a Mastermind?

It's an accountability group on steroids. A Mastermind is a small, highly compatible group of talented women with similar ambitions supporting each other to:

  • Set large scale goals & break them down into reasonable steps
  • Provide a sounding board for personal and professional challenges
  • Receive heart-centered, practical feedback
  • Celebrate each others' successes!

With everyone working toward mutual success the shared experience becomes




Why a Mastermind?

Building a new life or a new business can get lonely. A Mastermind provides:

  • A go-to group of women who understand the challenges you face every day.
  • Talented people on your side who come with a wealth of personal experience and alternative prospectives to share. 
  • Regular check-ins provide to create accountability for progress. 
  • Connections that can last long after the end of the official Mastermind group.


University of Me Masterminds

Enrolling in a University of Me Mastermind shows you have to develop the self-knowledge needed to design a better future for yourself (be it career or life in general;) and supports you to set and acheive the changes needed to make that future a reality.

Man working with large puzzle pieces on a wall.

CareerFinder Program

Looking for a better life and career, but having difficulty figuring out what your next career should be? Join the University of Me 4 week CareerFinder Program and find out faster. 

Call To Action

Social Action Sweet Spot

Are you itching to take action. Do you feel the need to do something to help shape the future. But what? We all know the key to turning thought and desire into action is connection; in joining with others who have the same commitment.

New Client Special 

For new Mastermind programs starting in May 2017

If register by Friday, April 121st
University of Me 3 month Mastermind ($1500 value)

(50% off)

If register by Tuesday, April 14th add
FREE 1 hour Coaching Session ($150 value)



  • Facebook Group
  • Video recordings of all sessions




New Client 




50+% savings!


Jennifer White, co-founder of Music Makers an event by and for musicians. Photo credit: Greg Berg, Enso Photography

And thank you for our conversation the other day.  This has been an amazing week of work with XXXX, and your observations were SO VITAL to that!  He continues to push me to step up and be his equal, and your perspective has made me SO much more comfortable with that.

Jennifer White

Co-Founder, Music Makers

Laurie Ann is an innovative and creative leader. She cares deeply about her craft, while always looking for ways to improve her own skills and those of her colleagues. She is natural community builder, who looks for new and interesting ways to bring diverse people together in service of great work.

Pam Slim

Speaker, author and small business strategist, Ganas Consulting LLC

Pam Slim - Speaker, author and small business strategist
Brad Corrion - Platform Architect at Intel Corporation

Laurie Ann is one of the most passionate people I know about her work specialty and professional development. One of the most valued traits of information workers is “initiation”, which means the individual creates a greater effect in others through individual action, without being instructed to do so. She demonstrates initiation…

Brad Corrion

Platform Architect, Intel Corporation

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