The Year of Rose Colored Glasses

In 2017 the plan is to concentrate on improving the level of positivity in my life. So my declared theme is:

The Year of Rose Colored Glasses.

Now, by rose colored glasses I don’t mean the common, modern interpretation; which is having an unduly cheerful, optimistic, or favorable view of things. No. My chosen definition harkens back to an earlier meaning: having a natural sunniness of disposition.

The tendency toward pessimism is a part of my life that has been worked on for many years. And progress has been made. Unfortunately it frequently feels like two steps forward, one step back, and ‘miles to go before I sleep.’ So the plan this year to bring the trait front and center. To create a manifesto to use as a guide for implementing of this point of view, consciously, on a daily basis. Something which can be used to analyze my current behavior/thoughts to see if they are in alignment or not. Plus, if feeling torn between two courses, the manifesto can be used as a tie breaker to select the action which is most aligned.

There are many sources of this naturally dark outlook. Some are a legacy of my formative years and the parenting style employed by my mother. However there are other contributing factors. The cultural orientation of my ancestors, developed in shtetls [ghettos, slums] across the Slavic regions, is naturally dark. And now scientists have actually discovered a genetic component; which is likely mine as well. The way I see it, for me, putting on rose colored glasses would not make me oblivious to the world’s pain. It will bring into greater focus the joy that is there out there. And help to develop a mindset where joy is in greater supply than pain.

So the goal is to look toward the light. To assume positive intent. To believe in my heart and soul that friends and associates are rooting for my success. To find happiness in others’ achievements as if they were my own. To share without thought of return. And, if I get all worked up over something, to just let go. (Or ‘put it down‘ ala my favorite Buddhist kaon.) And, most importantly in today’s political environment, to fervently to believe that one person’s actions can make a difference in this world; including mine!

To these and other similar actions I dedicate the year 2017.

Look for The Manifesto next week


Realize this is a little late, but took my time in crafting the message.