The University of Me and it's Founder

It was early in the morning Friday, December 19th,  2014  — the last day before two weeks of holiday vacation were scheduled to begin. My customer arrived and immediately wanted to download. She looked different. Tired as usual, but different. Then, instead of complaining, she enthused about the task which she had worked on the previous night. About how the work had fascinated her. About how she found it so exciting she couldn’t put it down to go to sleep until the wee small hours.

And I was jealous because


I mean, here I was, fighting to stay at a company that no longer fit, in a role that was undervalued, and suddenly it was impossible not to wonder, “why?” How had I ever become so lost to who I truly was?

Immediately after returning to work on January 2nd I met with my manager and gave notice. At that time was convinced that the answer to my “What next?” was clear to me. But I soon discovered that my so called plan had been more about making my escape look good to my former coworkers than a true answer to that important question. And it wasn’t long before that plan crumbled and once again there loomed the question:


Then I swore that this time it would be different. This time, instead of jumping on the first agreeable idea, I was going to take the time to really figure out how to use my gifts to the best effect. A year long plan was drafted to ensure the time was used effectively. 

A year to rediscover all those things which earlier in my life had been done just because they brought me joy. A year to examine with fresh eyes and a beginner’s mind all those paths that I had been taught to think of as dead ends; as not ‘real’ careers. That vision was not only outdated, it was plain wrong.

The new plan was entitled The University of Me; after the one subject that had never been considered worthy of study in my 16+ years of formal education, me. It was a time to spend in exploration; in the arts, in the sciences and in personal development.

Early on I started working with a Mastermind coach and participating in Brenè Brown’s Living Brave Semester1. Books were devoured on essentialism, habit creation, starting over, finding your own voice… However it was into the area of the arts where the deepest dive took place. Because this was the zone that had been most discouraged by my family when it came time to pick a career track. I participated in National Novel Writing Month2. Studied Improv at a professional theater and tried encaustic art. 

At the end of that year one of the things that became clear was that others were interested in taking the same journey; and I wanted to help them do it. So the University of Me morphed from a personal program to one available for others. To help others figure out their:


The program can be adapted to any timeline; or for the available number of hours. The only thing required is desire, curiosity and a willingness to put on your big kid panties. Whether you join me for an afternoon or a whole semester, the University of Me will help YOU explore what’s next. 


1 a deeper, more personal dive into the concepts of her best-selling books; with an emphasis on Daring Greatly & Rising Strong.
2 and multiple other writing programs