CareerFinder Program

How to Identify a Future Career Without a Crystal Ball

Looking to create a better future for yourself right now?

Does that search include identifying a new career path?

Are you are having difficulty figuring out just what the path could be?

The truth is you probably already have all the information needed to figure it out right at your fingertips; if you only knew how to get at it.

The CareerFinder Program shows how to look at your life, your whole life, to uncover the information you need to move forward. The program provides instructions on how to select and interpret the right information; and then how to use it to figure out your future path.  During the process participants will create a requirements document which will be used to identify exciting new career paths.

The program also explains how to avoid some of the most common mistakes made while in search of a new career:

  • Focusing so much on the future that it’s the only that direction that is seen, ignoring valuable information from the past and present.
  • Reviewing the past, but not having strong, specific filters about the type of information needed to move forward.
  • Ignoring the negativity bias; which causes people to place more emphasis on the negative than the neutral or even the positive.
  • Overlooking some paths entirely because of blinders created in our formative years.

In four weeks participants will work with supportive group of others on the same journey to arrive at one or more potential new career paths. They will come up with a plan for moving forward based on how big of a change they can make in the short term and the long term. And finally participants will create the momentum and community needed to go from planning to action. And after the class participants can to continue to communicate and support each other an the program Facebook group. 

Are you ready to take that step? To accelerate the exploration and the planning and get to the doing? Then sign up for the next CareerFinder session.

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CareerFinder Program 

4 week CareerFinder Program 



  • Facebook Group
  • Video recordings of all sessions