Find Your Social Action Sweet Spot

A Life & World Changing Idea

A Call To Action

If you are like me, the results of the recent election have left you reeling. It somehow feels like we’ve lost control of our world. That the future of the country and the planet may be at risk.

You want to do something. You feel you need to do something to help shape the future. But what? It’s not possible to become a full time social activist. It’s hard enough to shoehorn anything new into your calendar.

Called To Take Action?
United For Ideas and Action!

An Action Plan

We all know the key to turning thought and desire into action is connection in joining with others who have the same commitment. What if you had a group of people supporting you in this process?  A group of people to bounce ideas off of and to cheer you on? Join Find Your Social Action Sweet Spot Mastermind you will become part of just such a group; each doing their part for change.

Together each member of the mastermind will explore the options available to discover the contributions which best align not only with their skills, interests and purpose, but also with their available capacity. This group will provide the accountability to ensure that those action take place. Ideas will be shared and discussed. There will mutual support through difficulties and disappointments. Each person’s success will be encouraged and celebrated.

Are you ready to see what we can do together?